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My mask fits good looks good

My mask fits good looks good and I feel safe wearing it thank u for making such a great mask



ComfortableI can’t vouch for their medical effectiveness as a Covid deterrent but they are comfortable and that is half the battle with face masks. I bought 2 for my daughter to take to college. She has been VERY picky about masks but loves these so I got 2 more each for my son, wife and self.

Matt S.

Great Product

I bought many of these for my employees so they are protected. They all love these masks and are very comfortable.


Great mask

I bought this mask back when we had the really bad fires in Los Angeles (through Amazon) and the ash was so bad in my area. I am now using it again with the Covid19 problems. Yes it can be hot during the summer and a little harder to breath when exercising but it is the best mask I have found, which is why I am buying another one.


I found the masks comfortable to wear and easy to care for

I ordered 5 but wish I had ordered more as all my relatives and friends are inquiring about them however unfortunately they are currently out of stock. I also must commend the excellent customer service that I received from Rensal Brothers.


Great Product

I ordered 7 for myself and family. They arrived quickly. They are comfortable and with their adjustable straps fit all family members. We highly recommend them. Washable and come with 8 filters.

Erin M. 

Good purchase

Arrived in a very timely manner and just as described. Fit is fairly close but breathing through it takes some getting used to. It is quite warm and most of the exhaled air goes out the sides. Nonetheless, a good value for the money and easy to take care of.


Good stuff.

Fast delivery. Came exactly as advertised. Definitely a good deal.

Richard Caporiccio

This mask is perfect

This mask is perfect and the adjustable ear straps ensure that the mask is fitted perfectly. I would like to know the best way to clean the mask after each use to ensure the removal of any possible germs. Thank you


Very helpful

My nail lady recently found out she was pregnant and has bad morning sickness. The smell of the chemicals makes her feel even sicker than usual. I purchased this for her to see if it helped. She wears it all of the time as it really helps her. It’s comfortable for her to wear and she can breathe easily with them on. She likes the design and style. She also likes that it’s reusable. She can easily hand wash it and let it air dry to be reused.


I can finally feel safe being outdoors during these LA fires

I live in Los Angeles and these recent fires have really been scaring me. I wanted to get a good durable, reusable mask so I can keep me and my roommate’s lungs safe when the air quality goes down.
These are very stylish, love the pattern, and comes with plenty of replacement filters.


Smell screen

Does a pretty darn good job at keeping out foul odors. I’m using it in a Veterinary necropsy lab with all kinds of unpleasant aromas & it’s definitely taken the gag factor down quite a few notches.

Sarah Nelson

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